TSI Announces the Launch of ARM E-Commerce Platform – Rocket Receivables

TSI Announces the Launch of ARM E-Commerce Platform – Rocket Receivables

LAKE FOREST, ILLINOIS – APRIL 5, 2017: Transworld Systems Inc. (TSI) – a leading analytics-enabled provider of accounts receivable management and loan servicing solutions – announced the launch of Rocket Receivables, a new web-based self-service platform that allows businesses to purchase and manage TSI’s reminder letter and contingency collections services.

Offering both fixed-fee and contingency-based collections options, Rocket Receivables is changing the way businesses approach debt recovery and increase their bottom line.

TSI launched Rocket Receivables in order to provide a solution for the customers that prefer to make purchase decisions online, on their time, 24/7.

Employing a two-stage approach to collections, Rocket Receivables provides businesses with the flexibility to manage their accounts receivable by utilizing either a letters series, traditional contingency collections, or a seamless combination of the two.

Rocket Receivables’ self-service website is built to empower users to determine how they want to handle their accounts receivable by providing them with 24/7 online support tools and a dedicated client support staff available in order to maximize their recoveries.

“Ecommerce has changed the way individuals research products and make informed buying decisions,” said Howie Schnuer, TSI’s Chief Marketing Officer. “With Rocket Receivables, we’re able to offer businesses a 24/7 research and buying solution for those that want to work with an experienced company, but on their time.”

Backed by a commitment to compliance and cyber security, as well as their continued investments in data analytics and technology, TSI’s Rocket Receivables platform is pushing the accounts receivable management industry into the user-centric, data-driven future.

To learn more about Rocket Receivables, visit http://www.RocketReceivables.com.

About TSI:

TSI is the leading provider of outsourced accounts receivable management and loan servicing solutions. Their data-driven services have injected more than $6 billion in cash flow back into our client’s businesses over the past decade. TSI’s solutions accelerate cash flow, minimize risk, and improve operational efficiency. Their clients include both B2B & B2C Fortune 100 corporations, national healthcare systems, financial institutions, large-scale governmental organizations, and small businesses.

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