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Hidden Cost of Collecting Past Due Invoices

Reduce Costs

Profit Recovery dramatically reduces business’s internal costs by minimizing staff efforts. Our system allows staff to concentrate on growing the core business rather than chasing after unresolved delinquent accounts.

Profit Recovery streamlines the collection process and even allows businesses to submit large groups of accounts instantly via our Online Client Portal. Save staff time by uploading large volumes of accounts in seconds using any standard transfer format or our interactive software integration modules for QuickBooks® and other accounting programs.

“As a national direct marketer, we faced some very unique challenges in the area of collections. Transworld not only helped us meet these challenges, but helped us exceed our goals in a very cost-effective manner.”

Tom Miglino
Vice President,
American Mint

The Hidden Cost of Collecting Past Due Invoices

If your employees make just 3 calls per day at 20 minutes per call to follow-up on just 3 past due invoices, and if they work 50 weeks per year, you are paying…


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