Account Receivables Management System - TSI

Account Receivables Management System

Recoverability Timeline – The older an account, the less recoverable

Early Intervention – Key to Successful Collections

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the older an account, the harder it is to collect.

Transworld Systems services are uniquely designed to work accounts earlier – when they’re more collectible. Most businesses wait too long to turn accounts over to a collection agency because:

  1. They want to avoid the high cost of traditional collection agency services
  2. They fear alienating potentially “good” customers

Transworld Systems works because – it offers a low, flat fee averaging $10 per account versus a high percentage; and provides a diplomatic approach that collects money and keeps the customer.

Example: 100 accounts over one year at:
* 90 days = 26% are uncollectible
* 120 days = 35% are uncollectible
* 6 months = 70% are uncollectible
* 1 year = not worth the paper they’re printed on
Our early intervention collection system delivers higher recovery rates:

  • 56%* at an average cost of 4 cents on a dollar, compared to 14% collected by traditional agencies at average cost of 33% per dollar collected
  • Consistent approach on all accounts regardless of balance

Our clients receive 4 times the recovery rate at about 1/8th of the cost! Prove it to yourself!

*56% recovery rate is our company average.


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