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TSI has teamed with Dental Purchasing Group (DPG) to bring members A/R management solutions and flat fee collections with no percentages to manage their accounts receivable and increase cash flow.


  1. Increase your cash flow – For a low fixed-fee averaging between $12-$13 /account
  2. Create an automated workflow for your outstanding accounts
  3. Reduce overhead costs and staff time
  4. Utilize staff time more efficiently, allowing them to focus on other areas of the practice
  5. Provide you with clear and concise reporting 24/7

TSI is the answer to your accounts receivable needs. We have the perfect solution for your practice…
TSI Dental Collect Enterprise.

Dental Collect Enterprise is a unique cloud-based tool that integrates seamlessly with most practice management systems (PMS). It’s designed to:

  1. Collect more money with less work
  2. Automatically identify overdue accounts for follow-up
  3. Maintain diplomacy with patients

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We have been using the tools that TSI  provides for A/R follow-up, insurance resolution, and collections. Their services interface directly with my practice management software, greatly reducing the staff time that we need to spend on patient account follow-up. Their diplomatic reminders, both by mail and telephone, have been effective in motivating patients to pay their outstanding balances earlier, while still maintaining our good relationships with our patients. I recommend that you contact TSI, and allow them to show you what they can do to help your practice get paid faster, increase your cash flow, and save your staff from unproductive work in the office.

-Reynoldo T. Reese, DMD  Douglasville, Georgia

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