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Transworld Systems prides itself in creating mutually beneficial alliances for the benefit of our clients.

Strategic Alliances Deliver Better Support
The strength of our strategic relationships is apparent in the caliber of our alliances.

Value of the Program
Maintaining these relationships helps us deliver better value and services to our clients by providing a proven system to those businesses looking to spend less and recover more by increasing their cash flow and maximizing their profits.

We continually form new alliances in an effort to provide our customers with the best service possible.

Types of Alliances

Potential alliance partners may form strategic relationships with Transworld Systems in one of two ways:

Business & Medical Alliances

Transworld Systems and the alliance partner work together to sell, customize, implement and support Transworld Systems services. These alliances include associations and other businesses interested in group purchasing. Special discount pricing may apply.

Technology/Solutions Extensions Alliances

The capabilities of our technological alliance technological capabilities are integrated into and delivered as an integral part of the Transworld Systems offering, enhancing the breadth and scope of the solution.

Learn More

To learn more about or join the Transworld Systems Strategic Allliances Program, please e-mail your request to Please include contact information (name, company, e-mail address, telephone number and mailing address) and a brief description of the information you are seeking.

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