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TSI – Nationwide Debt Collection Company

We get cash flowing. We understand that every story is different. We listen. We advise. We implement. And in collaboration with you, we succeed.

What we Believe


You have to balance billing with the promise of payment and, at the same time, keep your relationships positive. And usually, you make a trade-off, as one outcome gets surrendered in the reward of the other. We used to think that was the norm. And it was. But the norm is changing—and so are we. We looked more closely at the way we do business, listened more carefully to our customers and learned more about the lives of consumers. The outcome? We realized that if we did things a bit differently, everyone’s experience would improve. As would bottom lines. So we built a foundation—not only of products and services—but a rethought set of beliefs and behaviors upon which our business now rests.

Our Approach


It’s not just a mathematical equation. It’s a series of stories, the interconnected lives of customers and consumers and partners. Stories that comprise a collaborative adventure. Everyone’s situation is different. Yet we treat all with the kindness and respect they deserve, in every single interaction. Money’s emotional. And complicated. So we call on our millions of hours of practical contact to make the experience of cash flow enjoyable and rewarding. We lack hidden agendas, in both action and intention. Every thing we do and say is clear, comprehensible and uncluttered—from phone calls to phone apps to the way we package our services. We’re responsive to what happens in the home, and the marketplace. Now, as they change, so do we. Our systems, technologies and analytics let us see the present and keep an eye on the future.

Who We Are


We’re multi-dimensional. Our team is built from industry experts, functional leaders, an engaged ownership team and a cadre of independent advisors. While we represent a diversity of experiences and backgrounds, we all share a single-minded focus: improving the financial lives of businesses, institutions and people. Our owner, Platinum Equity, provides insight and experience to drive operational excellence, as well as the growth capital to continuously invest in our business—in people, in process improvement, in technology. It's how we stay relevant to our customers—optimizing their cash flow, minimizing their risk, and helping them meet the competitive challenges they face.


Doing things right and doing the right thing.

Compliance is a mindset. A way of doing business. But it’s more than that. Compliance gives our process a structure. It frames our interactions, so every single thing is proper and done with respect, to both you and to the law. It is our absolute. It’s the basic set of rules and regulations that needs to be followed. They are standards that protect you, us and the moneys being collected. We’re focused on keeping our customer front and center. And by adhering to higher principles, operations and ethical practices, we make sure you always come out on top.

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